Fairy Tale Forest

When I’m not photographing beautiful babies I am scheming up little photoshoots for my girls. This particular shoot was a year in the making, not necessarily because it took me that long to source and organise everything, but because I started making walls over the winter, then summer hit and I’m scared of snakes and ticks and all the creepy crawlies that live in the bush over the summer. So we waited, a whole year till the following winter, I was still scared of snakes and ticks but convinced myself that they were still asleep.

I made the ‘walls’ from foamcore panels and  my gorgeous friend spent weeks visiting me , helping me wallpaper and paint them. I found the bed online for a steal and bought the little bed details,  painted those and stuck them on. My Mum and I sewed the girls dresses from a 1970’s vintage pattern. Considering neither of us have much of an idea about sewing, I reckon we did alright – thanks Mum! xx

In my previous life as a window dresser (Visual Merchandiser) I worked with an amazing team. We all seem to be on the same page,  know what the other is thinking, and work seamlessly together. I organised my little ‘team’ and watched my vision come to life. I was so appreciative of their help, and it was so much fun!

I scouted around for the ideal bush setting and ended up in the bush directly across the road from me. How handy! Everyone is well aware of my ‘uniqueness’ in the street, so no one battered an eyelid as I carted stuff over the road. Our lovely neighbours next to the bush even let me use their powerpoint, no questions asked 😉

I seem to come up with these crazy ideas but really have no idea how it’s going to ‘work’, that’s where hubby comes in. He figures it all out and magically makes my ‘walls’ stand up in the middle of nowhere.

Huge big thank you to all, and my gorgeous little girls, my inspiration.

So, without further ado, here they are:

‘Who’s the Fairest’

brisbane photographer


‘She Whispered’


Here is a little behind the scenes video:

Fairy Tale Forest from Leesa Perry on Vimeo.

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