Boho 10th Birthday Party- My Twins

I had myself convinced that this birthday party wasn’t going to happen, but with the girls returning to school a few weeks ago and restrictions lifting, we were able to celebrate that huge milestone of double figures! 10! Can you believe they are 10! I can’t. 🙁

I had started planning back in February, so thankfully had already accrued most of the decorations. I hired the tent and the low tables, plus some cushions and floor rugs from the lovely ladies at The Mrs P’s. My lovely Mum was tasked with the floral arrangements using the mish mash of dried flowers I had bought, think I made her job a bit tricky 😉 Sorry Mum! I had collected the lanterns many years ago, I knew there was a reason I held onto them 😉 The amazing cookie cake was from Lady Buttercream, it was perfection.

With a forecast of rain predicted, we all crossed everything that it held off, and it did! It was a beautiful fine evening and all the little party guests had a lovely time making dream catchers and watching a movie, not to mention eating lollies, pizza and cake. How very grown-up having a party that drifted into the evening with all the twinkling lights. Happy Birthday my babies.

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