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It was 1986, and I was in Year 7 (gosh, that was a long time ago!) The teacher had posted the results to a science exam on the front door of the class room. I remember approaching the door with the normal fear of dread, certain I would find myself,  yet again, at the bottom of the page. Lets face it, science was definitely not my thing, nor was maths, (still isn’t) plus it was year 7 and I do believe I was busy playing elastics and swapping cute smelly erasers with my friends. 🙂  So, you can imagine my complete and utter disbelief when I started to scan the list, starting at the bottom of course, and gradually climbed to see my name at the top! 29/30! Yep, knock me over with a feather, I couldn’t believe it! The one, and only time, I ever aced a science exam! What was the exam about you ask? No idea, it was a long time ago remember 😉

Fast forward till just the other day, and the results were posted for the WPPI First Half online competition. Once again not expecting much, waiting for the page to load so I could marvel at the winner’s gallery, I did a double take, my image – First Place in the Creative Division Composite Category, knock me over with another feather! (To be honest, I was still in my cosy bed, delaying the morning start whilst looking at my iPad. 😉 )

Absolutely over the moon! And tickled pink that it was an image of my girls! Here is the link to the winner’s gallery if you want to have a peek at the absolutely incredible work by other photographers from all over the world: 2015  WPPI- Wedding and Portrait Photographers International First Half Competition.

And my image : Little Girls Lost

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